Alliance Trust Company

#1010, 407-2nd Street SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2Y3   (403) 237-6111
“Our company wide commitment to the highest standard of professionalism and integrity is unwavering.”
Miguel Lahud Account Manager, Client Services

As Transfer Agent and Registrar, Alliance Trust Company provides administrative services for all transactions involving publicly listed corporations.

1. Administrator of Initial Public Offerings and New Issues

  • Act as a Subscription Agent to receive funds in trust and to issue share certificates from treasury to the subscribers
  • Attend Closings

2. Transfer Agent and Registrar

  • Record issuance and cancellation of shares, and maintenance of Share Registers for public corporations
  • Screen transfer documents for validity, including any estate documentation
  • Effect share transfers
  • Maintain Capital Control records
  • Maintain an inventory of share certificates
  • Maintain any “Stop Transfer“ notations
  • Answer shareholder inquirers

3. Escrow Agent

  • Act as a third party under Escrow and Pooling Agreements which govern important documents, such as share certificates, software packages and other items of value
  • Diarize and release shares in accordance with the terms of the Agreements

4. Shareholder Meeting Services

  • We will work with your corporation on National Instrument 54-101 compliance, by preparation of a list of critical dates to ensure the chain of communication with the non-registered shareholders is maintained and that they receive proxy materials on a timely basis
  • Shareholder mailings
  • Proxy tabulation
  • Provide ongoing proxy reports to your corporation
  • Monitor voting trends and notify your corporation of any unusual activity
  • Scrutineer services, including the identification of contentious issues before and during shareholder meetings

5. Proxy Solicitation Agent

  • Act on behalf of public corporations and/or third parties in contentious situations, to solicit maximum votes
  • Act on behalf of your corporation to solicit maximum votes on special resolutions

6. SEDAR Filing Services

  • Electronic and timely filing of regulatory documents, such as reports and press releases to ensure continuous disclosure.

7. Dividend Disbursement Agent

  • Disburse dividends to shareholders on behalf of public corporations and maintain appropriate tax records

8. Administration of Small Shareholder Buy/Sell Programs

  • Act as managers under share Buy/Sell Programs offered through the facilities of the stock exchanges.